ROES: Adding Images

1. Image Screen Options
When opening ROES for the first time, the image viewer should be located on the bottom. It is possible to change this by clicking on the window icon on the bottom left of your screen.

By choosing this option, your screen will look like this:


2. Adding Images
After setting up your image viewer preference, click on the ‘green plus’ icon to open this screen. From here you can browse your files and choose which ones to import into ROES for ordering. Please note that clicking on the ‘green arrow’ icon sometimes results in ROES importing all images stored on your computer. This takes a while
for ROES to load. If this happens, let ROES finish the import and follow the instructions in the Troubleshooting section to easily delete all of these images from your viewer. ROES will retry to load all of these images, even if you successfully exit the program during import.




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