ROES Web Start Blocked By AVG

The Identity Protection feature in AVG is where many systems are being prevented from executing ROES.  Making a different Exception in AVG will be necessary.


The error alert of ROES Web Start failing to properly launch and throwing an error that "Another version of ROES Web Start is already running" appears as this box:  




Set an Exception in AVG all the way for the ROESWebStart.exe file
- See C:Program Files (x86)
- check a specific box for Identity Protection

To do this, open AVG and select Options in the upper right.  Select Advanced settings from the menu:





In the Advanced Settings window, select Exceptions and click Add exception (the previous Exception, if set and not helping, can be deleted by clicking on it and selecting Remove):




Click Select exception type and choose Application or File from the list.  After choosing Application or File click Browse in the new exception window.  Go to C:, then Program Files (x86), then ROES, then GTAPhoto folder (followed by a long number), then select ROESWebStart.exe and click OK:





NOTE:  MAKE SURE THE IDENTITY PROTECTION BOX IS SELECTED (the 3rd box under Use this exception for:).  This has proven to be the issue on a number of AVG installed systems, even if the Identity Protection is disabled in the AVG Settings.



Once the path is entered and the Identity Protection box is checked click OK and then OK again in the closing screen to save the Exception:




Windows user security will prompt you to approve the change by AVG.  Once this occurs you can launch ROES from the GTA Imaging desktop icon.


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