Setup: Flushmount Albums

When preparing files for an album order, please follow these guidelines for sizing and design in order to ensure that the album you order is exactly as you had envisioned.

All albums are printed as double page spreads.  This means that the first page always starts on the left side. Files for album pages should be exactly double the album size ordered.  Ex. The file size for a page spread in an 8×10 vertical album will be 16”x10”.  Pages will be trimmed up to 1/8” around all outside edges so the book block will end up slightly smaller than the listed size.  Blank sizing templates are available.

Page Sequence:  
Designed in ROES:
ROES has limited drag and drop design pages in which case, your page sequence will be determined by the ROES sequence as displayed in the Shopping cart.  You can alter the sequence in the Shopping Cart by dragging the thumbnails to a
different position.
Designed outside of ROES:
If you design your album outside of ROES, we rely on your file names to determine the page sequence. Zero pad your file names to ensure that the sequence matches up to the ROES shopping cart. Ex.  0102, 0203, 1011, 2122.  Or  01, 02, 03,…10, 11 etc.  Do not name your files 1, 2, 10, 11 etc.

Pages will be trimmed up to 1/8” around all outside edges.  Keep all important parts of the image and text within 1/4” of all outside edges.  We recommend that borders be at least 3/8”.  Thinner borders can be printed, however, we cannot guarantee
that the pages will be trimmed evenly.  Borders that are 1/8” or less will not trim properly.  They will either be cut out entirely,
or will appear as thin and/or uneven lines around the edges.

Cover Design:  
Templates are available for all covers that have an image.  Please use sizing templates to ensure that the cover is made according to your design.  Bleed areas should be filled entirely by an image / background so that the folded areas over the edge and back retain the same colour / image.

Logos & Text:  
Place all logos and text within 1/4” of the edge.

File Resolution:  
All files should be sized to the print page @ 300dpi.

Ensure that you are using your full resolution files when using any album building software.  We will not be able to detect a small original file when your album software re-interpolates the low res file into a full res album spread.


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