How do I order a custom size Canvas Gallery Wrap?

You can order any custom size up to our posted largest size.
Note - we only ship up to 30x40. 
You can order up to 36x60 for pick up orders.

Solid Colour Edge or Mirror Edge:
Crop your image at the size needed @ 300dpi.
Save the image with a new file name with the custom size.  Example:  Mary30x50.jpg
Order the next size up (Don't forget to select the 2inch, 1.5 inch or 1 inch edge).

In the Special Instructions: Use ORIGINAL FILE Mary30x50.jpg for custom size 30x50.
Add Black edge

Image Wrap Edge:
Add the appropriate edge bleed according to the thickness you would like to order:

2 inch - Add 2.25 per side = 4.5" total length & width
1.5 inch - Add 1.75 per side = 3.5" total length & width
1 inch - Add 1.5 per side = 3" total length & width

30x50 custom size
2 inch = 34.5 x 54.5
1.5 inch = 33.5x53.5
1 inch = 33x53

In the Special Instructions:  Use ORIGINAL FILE for custom size 30x50 canvas.


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