ROES: Ordering Tips

1.  Images

Save your images to your hard drive and in a folder.  Browse for a folder, not a single image.

2.  Do NOT rename / remove / retouch / rotate your image

once the thumbnail preview appears on your ROES screen.  The images are not collected into the ROES order file until time of completion, so removing a CD / SD card / External drive / USB can cause a failure.

Even if you do not order the image, if your ROES screen shows a preview thumbnail, ROES has recorded meta data of that image.  If you retouch/change/rotate the image while your ROES is running, save the image with a different file name in a different folder.  Browse for the new folder.  Then you can select the new image with the different file name.

3.  DO NOT launch more than one window of GTA ROES at a time.  You can begin a new order in the same session while the recent one is transmitting in the background.

4.  Always EXIT ROES when you are done (do not just minimize your screen).
At startup the next time ROES will look for the most current version, products list, and monthly specials and notices.

5.  Shipping address - If you move, please contact to update our shipping database.  Then, update your ROES screen as well.

6.  Use Photoshop / Lightroom to size and/or crop your images.  ROES is a great tool for ordering.  However, we recommend using these other software to resize your images.  This is especially true when ordering small prints from very large sized images.  The result will be a pixelated image.  Ex.  20x30 image file used to order 4x6 print.


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