Why is my preview thumbnail so pixelated and colours are weird?

Pixelated Preview:

Sometimes the ROES thumbnails will appear extremely pixelated.  Your image will not print pixelated with the following exception:  Very large files used to print very small prints will print pixelated.  Solution:  Resize or crop your image in Photoshop or Lightroom before ordering your print.  Ex.  20×30 @ 300dpi image is used to print a 5×7 or smaller print.

Weird Colour Preview:

ROES thumbnails will appear with a pink/green/purple cast or extremely pixelated.  ROES thumbnails are only previews and are not an accurate reflection of what your print will turn out to be.  As long as your image is embedded with a srgb or Adobe 1998 profiles, then your colour will be correct.



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