ROES will not send

  • Check first that all images in the order have not been moved ie (CD/USB/External Drive).
  • Avoid File names and Folder names with symbols or special characters.  Avoid parentheses, apostrophes, quote, copyright signs.
  • Check Internet connection - If the internet is slow or spotty, large orders may fail in sending.
  • Anti virus:  AVG, Avast, MacAfee programs sometimes prevent ROES from connecting to the internet. Click here for AVG troubleshoot

If you are unable to send these orders, you can re-open the order, and after the shipping options, select “Save to disk for alternate deliver”, save the order to your hard drive without changing the default name of the order ending in “.ro.”  Send the order to us by a file transfer service like wetransfer or dropbox.  Please phone us to let us know that you have sent such an order.


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