Album Ordering Instructions - Third Party Software

Start ROES
Click on "Click here for Product Menu" Red in the top left column
Scroll down menu - "Renzo Album Lustre Page"  *** Do not select "Design Here"

Browse for your images
- Click Green Circle + symbol - "Add Image Folder"
- Browse for your folder
- *** If you edit an image, be sure to give it a NEW name and save it in a NEW folder".  Browse for the New Folder and add the NEW named image.
- Please ensure page file names are the same as the sequence.
- If your sequence is different than the file names, PLEASE rename your files to match the sequence.

Order Your Cover
Click "Step 1: Cover"
10x10 Tab
Click on the number of spreads you want
Under Options - Select Cover type
Select End Sheet (Black or white)
Select Page Core (Black or white)
Add any Emboss instructions
Add to Cart

Order Your Pages
Click "Step 2:  Pages"
Click the first product:  10x10 Renzo Page Spread 20x10 Lustre.
You can select all the pages (Click the first image thumbnail while holding down the SHIFT button) and then drag all spreads to the centre preview
You will be asked whether you want to add all the spreads.
Click Yes.

Review Your Order
Click View Cart
Ensure that all the options/ pages are correct
Here you can order
- Album Layout Check - we will only check the trim areas/ image size is 300dpi
- Colour Correction - $2 per spread - note only a general correction, not individual images

Complete and Send order


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